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Summer Term May - July 2023

All Services Include:

- A private personal mentor. The assigned consultant will remain with the client through their journey until otherwise. 

- 2 sessions per week with personal consultant. Ability to communicate via voice, video, or text during specified times. Clients and consultants collaborate on a session schedule. 

- Portfolio that includes planning and tracking data like planning map(s), coaching scheme(s), action plan(s), referral list(s), and success tracking log(s).

- Customized private plan that identifies relevant resources.

- 1.5 hour long sessions 1-on-1 with mentor.

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Our Services

  • Get clarity and guidance on general topics.

    15 min

Booking Services are disabled until the next available term opens:

Open April 2023 for Summer term May - July 2023

Quick consult is still open! Book a quick consultation for now!

Ages 4 - Adult 

Tutoring Services Register for May - July 2023:

  • ELA  Intensive Program (Multiple English Language Arts  skills needs) popular

  • Kindergarten and Elementary Prep with reading and math popular

  • Reading skills for all levels 

Consultation Services Register for May - July 2023:

program has limited space left for summer term

  • Mock interviews and preparation with insider tips

  • Customized resume and career guidance from 12th grade to adult 

  • Customized high school to college, technical, or independent path academic planning

  • College planning and counseling from 12th grade to adult

Networking Services with Travel and Internships

  • Full most popular

  •  Mock interviews and preparation with insider tips and Customized resume and career guidance from 12th grade to adult. Inquire for more information.

  • Internship Program for high schoolers and young adults between 15 - 21 (registration for summer 2024 opens Nov 1, 2023, and closes April 30, 2024)

  • Travel Program for participants ages 15 and up (registration for winter 2024 opens July 1, 2024, and closes August 30, 2024)

  • Therapeutic Services (referral program to licensed therapists and resources)

  • Industry referrals for various needs, such as legal or economic

Additional services

  •  Additional support days: $65 each added day - 1.5 hour long session.



  • Quarterly SupportMembership

$1,200 every 3 months

24 sessions


  • Monthly SupportMembership

$400 every month

8 sessions


  • Bi-Weekly SupportMembership

$260 every 2 weeks

4 sessions

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