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Frameworks: Developing Professionals

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Book: Frameworks in Education: Insight for designing, implementing, and innovating education professionals, programs and organizations. Overview: The courses review the essential supporting factors that contribute to the basic American-styled structuring of any educational organization. Benefits: 1. Give employees access to the material during professional developments, and business meetings. 2. Great for both individuals and groups. Ideal for businesses with multiple sites that want to maintain consistency regarding best practices, professional trainings, and more. 3. groups can incorporate evidence-based practices at their own pace, check for understanding, and decide on the best steps forward in a cohesive and organized manner. 4. The courses will aggregate data for individuals, groups and organizations, saving time. Purchase includes: 1. E-book 2. Course work to check understanding 3. Member portal to ask course-related questions and unlock the benefits of the website like the Exchange ability to connect with education professionals across the world. Perfect for: 1. Education students: can simplify and supplement current course work. 2. Education professionals: can provide insight into what to look for and expect from an American-styled educational organization (especially if teaching outside of America) 3. Parents with children in school: can provide guidance for selecting the proper schools based on needs.

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