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Group Rules and Guidelines

As the company motto is support, engage, expand, Education Global LLC encourages relevant, helpful, and respectful exchange. To give a bit of structure, and guidance to the groups and posts, a few guidelines are posted below. . 

Educational Services Offered

If you need tutoring, individual or an organizational consultation, it's covered! Select the service you need when booking by clicking the services button above. 

Self - Paced Courses - Begin October 2022

This is a great option for pre-service education students, and professionals. You get course content, course work, assessment, and the ability to review course work with peers! See the current courses provided by clicking the courses tab above. 


Forums and blogs for educators can be a lot of things, but this is the first website geared towards survey based discussions. Think of your topic, create a survey, discuss it - if you choose. Great for college students who need to gather public and professional opinions quickly, and in large numbers

Member Page - Public or Private

You're used to it by now. Social Media! but when it comes to education professionals, websites are often lackluster - not exciting at all. But working in education is fascinating! Now you can share what you want, and keep the rest private, just make sure to invite your friends to your page! Direct the public and other members to your blog, and other content you post. 

International Education Connections

Exchange strategies, ideas, and inspiration that you may not have thought of or had access to without crossing borders. Speak to an audience that is looking for support, engaging opportunities, and a way to exchange them. 

Events and Item Discounts

When we say events we do not mean just seminars or workshops. We do those as well, but we also provide exclusive access to curated social events. Events are online for now, but stay tuned for our first in-person event!

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