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International Career and Job Postings for the Week of Sep 25 - Oct 1, 2022

By: Rachel Jones, M.Ed.

We will cover and highlight specific posts found on these major International websites.

Posts here are geared toward international opportunities.

4 Major sites:

Search Associates - must have an account to use.

1 .Schrole with Schrole you must have an account, and some features are only unlocked once you pay, for instance, the job alert option. You can scroll through vacancies once you put in specific search criteria.

a. Online Recruitment, Networking and Career Development Conference

Event Details event Saturday 22 Oct 2022 access_time 12:00 AM - 03:00 AM (America/Denver time)

b. Bangkok Recruitment, Networking and Career Development Conference

Event Details

event Thursday 20 Oct 2022

access_time 07:00 PM - 03:00 AM (America/Denver time)

2. TeachAway is more of an open platform, meaning you can view job postings without having a profile on the website. Teachaway offers courses, like TEFL, and quick apply for members.

They host recruiting events and post for online jobs as well.

3. CIS

CIS is an accreditation company for many international schools. They post vacancies for their many accredited schools and their owned schools. They also manage schools.

The main role of School Support and Evaluation Officers (SSEOs) is to guide schools new to membership and support those in the accreditation process in completing a comprehensive self-study and international peer evaluation process. Colleague SSEOs are experienced international education leaders and offer support in all aspects of school improvement, through the process and beyond, including CIS services designed to help international schools strengthen aspects of school life.

Region Highlighted:


Teaching jobs in Central Asia are some of the most sought-after international teaching positions. Popular countries and regions include Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, The Middle East, India, and more.

1. Pay: highest pay per person on average compared to other regions.

2. Accommodations: Vary from region to region and school to school depending on various factors like school politics, the relationship between school and government, resources available in the country, the financial status of the school, etc.

3. Opportunities: Because the Asian continent is huge and encompasses an array of complex countries and cultures, education career opportunities are never-ending. That coupled with the fact that schools in some regions keep popping up quickly with expanding economies, Asia is often the number one region applicants think of first.

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